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Labour do not have a monopoly over the working class, in fact they don’t even represent us or truly understand us any more.


I want a hand up not a hand out, jobs not benefits, equality of opportunity not equality of outcome, an incentive to achieve and a strong meritocracy.

In a Britain where Jeremy Corbyn is trying to get into number 10 Downing Street at any cost, there can be no more shy Tories. We must speak up. The myth that the Conservative Party is for the rich, is now only kept alive by the left. We all have to fight to keep a decent and democratic country.

We do not want a Labour government where;

Party leaders focus on blame instead of finding solutions. Politicians demand seizing the assets of law abiding people they dislike.   Party leaders don’t take responsibility for their own party.  Party leaders and union bosses who give their own kids £50,000 a year jobs. Party leaders who call for violent uprising. politicians demonise those that work hard and pay taxes.

A Labour run by Len’s Unite, Momentum, Corbyn and McDonnell is dangerous. It is not the traditional Labour that we know.