Why Be A Tory


A Tory is a name used to describe an individual who is part of or votes for the Conservative Party.

I suppose people are Tories for different reasons but I can only write from my own perspective. I grew up surrounded by Labour ideas and Labour voters. It never bothered me until Corbyn began to lead the party. I soon realised that this was not traditional Labour but something very far left of my beliefs and potentially dangerous. My basic problems were the fact that socialism doesn’t make any sense economically, it provides no incentive for betterment and focuses on equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity (which is unfair). See my article ‘Socialism Doesn’t Work’ for an example of this. Basically under Corbyn’s rules, hard work brings the same outcomes as no work and as I passionately believe that hard work should be rewarded, this Labour administration is not for me. It’s not for anyone who has aspirations, not for anyone who wants more, not for anyone who wants a sustainable future, not a future built at the expense of leaving our children face further austerity because of debts. The left love to accuse Tories of having no compassion, yet I cannot think of anything less compassionate than economically  crippling future generations.

So what’s good about the Conservative party? For me it five basic things;

The first is the fact that If I work hard I can achieve. I doesn’t matter if I’m rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight. People are given equality of opportunities (which is fair), rather than equality of outcome (which is unfair). This doesn’t mean that I will be rich or achieve everything I want but it does mean that I will get a chance and so will everyone else.

The second is I am concerned about the economy. As the old saying goes ‘If socialists understood the economy, there would  not be any socialism.’ Corbyn’s 2017 manifesto was like a list from Santa Clause promising everything to everyone. Labour promised to rise every tax and pay for every social need by waving a special magic wand. The problem is that their figures were billions of pounds away from fiscal reality and would lead to bankruptcy. Again, it was the rich that came under fire on the surface but the poor who would inevitably pay the price.  One example of Labour’s targeting the rich mixed with a misunderstanding of economic issues, is the pledge to rise corporation tax.  If you keep corporation tax low it attracts large companies, who in turn provide jobs and those newly employed people stop claiming benefits, start paying income tax and contribute to society.  If you punish business with huge tax, you drive them away and lose jobs. The conservatives are much stronger on economic issues than Labour.  As Mrs Thatcher once said ‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.’ 

The third is that the Conservative party want to lead a meritocracy.  What is a meritocracy?

It is a social system, society, or organisation in which people have power because of their abilities, not because of their money or social position. The conservatives judge me on my own merits. Everyone is encouraged to strive, nobody is judge because of their background.  I may be working class, I may come from a council estate but I can aspire and achieve. Labour leaves no room for aspiration of the poor and demonises the rich.

The fourth is the Tory strength of defence. They believe in the armed services, the police and intelligence. Corbyn is not supportive of the armed forces, doesn’t support police policies such as ‘shot to kill’ , voted (along with McDonnell and Abbott) to abolish M15 and has a record of sympathising with terrorists. Indeed, M15 had a file on Corbyn’s activity in the days when he was close to the IRA.  The conservatives are strong in their condemnation of terrorism and pro Trident. Ask yourself this, if you are a victim of a terrorist attack, would you rather have Amber Rudd or Diane Abbott dealing with it? The latter doesn’t bare thinking about.

The fifth is the preservation of the union. I strongly believe that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should stay together. Corbyn will happily collude with Nicola Sturgeon and his Sinn Fein buddies to tear the UK apart.   Only the Conservative party will protect the union.