Battle of Hastings


It was Hastings & Rye which became representative of  Labour’s worrying  attitude to democracy.  The campaign was full of bullying and smears and there was a total refusal to accept the democratic result. The Conservative candidate was Amber Rudd who managed to hold onto her seat regardless of being targeted by a very cruel campaign, that had the word Momentum running through it like a stick of Hastings rock.

The Facebook trolls rumbled on … and on …. and on!


Even though many people came forward to say what had happened that night, the left wingers still claimed that the system was rigged (the usual cry from people who don’t like the results). Basically, it was simple. The count was close, Labour asked for a recount and the recount confirmed that the first count was correct and Rudd had won by a few hundred votes.


The toxic side of Corbyn’s campaign was clear to see in Hastings & Rye, although all over the country candidates were being abused and campaign signs and posters vandalised. A spokesman said: “The graffiti was reported by Hastings Borough Council and affected council property, locations administered by East Sussex County Council and Highways England and one private dwelling.”

Many people have suggested that the anger comes down to Hastings being hit hard by cuts and Amber Rudd being viewed as an MP more concerned about her roles as Home Secretary than about her constituents. However, some say that there was a more sinister reason the nasty and humiliating Labour campaign which planned to unseat Rudd. It has not gone unnoticed that Rudd has the potential to be a future Prime Minister and one candidate actually rejoiced, after Rudd managed to keep her seat by just a few hundred votes, that she would not be a viable leadership candidate any longer.

Many who attended the hustings that took place before the June 2017 elections were embarrassed by the way that Rudd was treated and by the personal attacks she faced.  The Momentum based audienced showed no regard for democracy and seemed intent to get a Labour win by any means.



A few weeks after the election, Jeremy Corbyn held an election-style rally in Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s constituency of Hastings, as part of a series of events around the country aiming to consolidate growing Labour support and demonstrate that the party is a “government in waiting”. Mr Corbyn, will say: “I am proud to be here today in Hastings where you came within a whisker, 346 votes, of painting the town red and electing Peter Chowney as a Labour MP”. It was clear that Rudd was being targeted by all levels of the party, as they saw her as a major threat.
Meanwhile we took a look at Mr Chowney’s facebook page. Unlike Ms Rudd’s, it had not be subjected to troll invasion and bullying.  Instead it was cluttered with a milder version of the left-wing voters, unhappy because they had lost. Tories were referred to as ‘vile creatures‘, voters who didn’t vote Labour were referred to as ‘rabid’ and ‘stupid’ and it was clear that they wanted to scupper Rudd’s chances in any leadership election. Later they went on to rather enjoy the passing of Rudd’s father, as she grieved .
Screenshot 2017-07-12 10.15.42
There was no balance. The bully was going in one direction only. The Labour camp was undertaking all kinds of tricks to humiliate, intimidate and force out the Tory candidate.
On top of this, the left is targeting students through universities and a recent report showed that 8 out of 10 university lectures are left wing. Essex University was sited as a “hotbed of left wing preaching”, where lecturers have tried to keep Conservative views out of the classroom and close down debate.
It is great to see young people voting (whoever they vote for) but our educators must enable young people to see a number of perspectives, explore and challenge.
What we are seeing online, on social media, in universities and in the community is the views of a large percentage of the country being closed down, often with aggression and intimidation.



The way the hard left has tried to bring down the Home Secretary is one of the most undemocratic acts I have ever seen in the UK.

I will finish with just one of the comments made on Amber Rudd’s facebook page with the condolences after the death of her Father.


These people are sickening and are stealing our democracy away with bullying. Corbyn praised the left of Hastings and Rye for a great campaign. None of the acts against Amber Rudd were condemned.

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