Never have I been so concerned about democracy and so worried for our children. We have seen teachers running political sessions in schools that are aggressively hard left. We have seen teachers in Hackney having children draw communist flags and pin them over a polling station. We have seen head teachers writing to parents, telling them how to vote. Now we see children being told by Corbynite teachers to write messages to the government, that are delivered by prominent socialist celebrities.

Have they been taught about fiscal conservatism? Have they been taught about how the last Labour government saddled us with debt? Have they been shown the manifestos of any other parties? Have they been taught about the millions who have died under communism and socialism?


WHEN will schools be stopped from ­sending out thinly-disguised campaign leaflets for Labour? Left-leaning educators are kidding themselves if they think Labour’s £20billion pledge could be done without destroying jobs.

Before the election thousands of heads wrote to parents urging them to vote for the party that would give schools more money. It was a clear attack on a Government having to keep budgets tight.

Never did it challenge them to consider at the same time whether Labour’s £20billion pledge for education could ever be met without destroying jobs. Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plans would ruin the country

William Hague suggests substantially lower income tax for them, funded by a small rise for over-30s. It has obvious flaws, as he admits. But it’s the sort of imaginative idea Britain needs.

Corbyn’s scrapping of tuition fees is — as the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies says — a bung for the middle-classes his party now chiefly appeals to. To match the allure of his simple-yet-destructive bribes the Tories need more skilful and effective solutions of their own. However, the reality is that you can promise anything if you are not in power and if its what people want to hear, they will believe you, even though it has no bearing upon reality.

One of the Save Our Schools founders, Alison Ali, said: “We’ll continue to protest until schools get their £3 billion per year back, and until our children get the forward-looking, broad-based education they deserve.

“We hope the prime minister, the chancellor and the secretary of state for education are prepared to actually sit and read these poignant messages from tens of thousands of children around the UK and then act upon them.”

Mr Coogan follows in the footsteps of fellow actor Jason Flemyng, who starred in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and in May called for further funding for schools in a video featuring his twin sons.

Before the general election, celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver condemned the Tories and their manifesto for free up funding for schools by scrapping free lunches for infant school pupils.  Of course Oliver failed to mention that the tories were intending to provide the poorest kids with both lunch and breakfast … the lie is more dramatic than the truth and these people will say anything to further their own political agenda.

Universities too are out of control. In March 2017, the Telegraph published the following report;

Eight in ten university lecturers are “Left-wing”, a survey has found as it warns of the dangers of “group think” in British institutions.

A report by the Adam Smith Institute said that the number of British academics are liberal or Left-wing has been steadily on the rise since the 1960s.

“Conservative and Right-wing academics are particularly scarce in the social sciences, the humanities and the arts,” the report found.

“Social settings characterised by too little diversity of viewpoints are liable to become afflicted by group think, a dysfunctional atmosphere where key assumptions go unquestioned, dissenting opinions are neutralized, and favoured beliefs are held as sacrosanct.” 

Authors said the imbalance was not down to intelligence, but could be explained by “openness to experience” as “individuals who score highly on that personality trait tend to pursue intellectually stimulating careers like academia”.

The authors of the report, titled “Lackademia: Why do academics lean Left?” urge universities to tackle the issue of ideological diversity among their staff, in the same way that they seek to increase gender, class and racial diversity.

It warned that “ideological homogeneity” within academia can have a number of  adverse consequences, such as “systematic biases in scholarship; curtailments of free speech on university campuses; and defunding of academic research by right-wing governments”.

The report recommended that universities must be alert to double standards, encourage collaboration between right and left wing colleagues, and place a great emphasis on the benefits of ideological heterogeneity.

Last month Sussex University was accused of undermining free speech after one of its leading professors held a workshop for academic staff of how to “deal with right-wing attitudes in the classroom”.

The event stoked controversy among students and staff, who complained that the institution was revealing its political bias.

The workshop, titled “Dealing with right wing attitudes and politics in the classroom” had been advertised on posters around the university.

The debacle prompted the university’s vice chancellor to write to all students and staff urging them to “challenge each other in such a way that respects different opinions and voices”.

This is really concerning as education must allow young people to think for themselves and make decisions when they are in possession of all the facts. They should understand how politics works and know what each party has to offer. Anyone working with children or young people has a duty to neutral on politics, religion and controversial issues, they must be able to make all different types of people feel welcome in the classroom. Sadly, as the left preaches that the right are intolerant, they fail to see that it is their own intolerance and judgement that closes down the possibility of productive debate.