Keyboard Warriors Needed


Yes, it’s fair to say that the left owned social networking in the run up to the June 2017 election. It was a dirty battle with more abuse than coherent political debate but nevertheless it drew in support, particularly from the young.


I’m sure that I was not the only one sickened by facebook comments like the one above calling for the execution of our Prime Minister and it is time that such remarks were challenged. Not with abuse but with policy knowledge. Not with lies but with hard facts that can be backed up with evidence.

We need young people with a good knowledge of social networking to become keyboard warriors for the centre right. We are endeavouring to provide a range of useful resources and will be running this blog, an active instagram account and a YouTube channel. We encourage people to copy and paste, screenshot, share or reproduce any of these resources. We want to reach as many people as possible, target young people and reach new audiences.

momemtum john

As we will develop we will provide additional resources such as key policy points for Twitter, infographics and films that you can use on your own social media accounts.

We need you to help us spread the word; 

  • Go to @toryboy999 on Instagram and screenshot any one of hundreds of photo’s.
  • Copy and paste anything from this blog or  Instagram (@toryby999).
  • Share video to social media from our Youtube Channel; Tory Boy 999.                 
  • Check out our sister project which supports Amber Rudd in Hastings:                    Instagram: @voteforrudd.
  • Download our key points for Twitter that will provide short flash points (see our resource page).
  • Use our information sheets (see resource page).

If you let us know that you want to be a unofficial keyboard warrior for the Tories we’ll make sure you have access to all the resources that you need;

If you have problem with our email try the alternative