Labour’s favourite lie is that the Tories will sell or destroy the NHS. They have long used this vital service as a political football, scaremongering and hiding the truth.  Labour run the NHS in Wales and it is a crisis point. No, it’s not the lack of funding from Westminster (the usual excuse), it’ bad management. Labour complain about two tier systems and privatisation in the NHS but have introduced both. The myth that Labour is the saviour of the NHS is both unfair and extremely misinformed.

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The photoshopped image above is silly but illustrates a serious point.  Corbyn’s constant claims that the Tories seek to shut down services and take things away from the poor damaged the reputation of the Conservative Party and played upon the fears of the most vulnerable. Corbyn doesn’t care about the truth, he seeks power at any cost.

The Conservatives have pledged increased NHS spending by 10 billion. The party will continue to invest in medical training to boast student numbers. Immigrants will be charged for treatment and 10,000 mental health professionals will be recruited.

There are no plans to sell off the NHS and privatisation has been used for many years. It DOES NOT mean that people have to pay for treatment. Labour often make bold statement to the electorate which suggest that the NHS is not safe under a Tory government. The reality is that under Labour the NHS may be promised more and end up with considerably less, as the figures in the 2017 manifesto suggest that they will not be able to deliver all the FREE things that they have promised and could even face bankruptcy. Labour just cannot see that the NHS needs a sound economy for services to prosper and a sensible debate on how to make it more sustainable.

The words NHS and privatisation can not be used in the same sentence without causing a fight. That’s exactly why Labour use the myth as a weapon to trick potential voters, playing on the fact that most people do not understand privatisation. Labour scaremonger the most vulnerable into voting for them.

The reality is that the NHS links with the private sector all the time, often sending patients for FREE treatment in private hospitals. This can reduce waiting lists and sometimes makes financial sense if they haven’t got the systems to deliver the service themselves. Labour misleads the public by suggesting the privatisation is always a bad thing and that Tories just want people to pay for treatment.

Some people feel that the NHS should be run by an independent body which would stop it being used as a political football. The misperception of Labour as the saviour of the health service is both gullible and dangerous and their anti-tory scaremonger makes it difficult to have frank discussions about the future of health services. Tories are often silenced on this subject by constant allegations of service distruction.


There is no statistical evidence whatsoever to suggest that nurses are using food banks in any significant way, yet Labour keep suggesting that this is a huge issue.  Food banks produce hugely misleading statistics. The rise in the use of foodbanks is frankly inevitable because of the raise in the number of food banks.  Labour also do not like to speak about the high volume of food bank abuse.

Of course there are poor people in the UK. They need our help and support and sometimes need food banks and other similar services. However, to suggest that professional people such as nurses can’t feed themselves is an insult to a proud, hardworking group of people. Nurses earn £21,692 – £34,876 which is more than secretaries, care workers, classroom assistants, sales supervisors, welfare professionals, beauticians, fishmongers, counsellors, chefs etc. Given this fact, it seems odd that Labour would claim that nurses are disproportionately affected by poverty. The cynical may be excused for thinking that this was just another unsubstantiated claim in their bid to politicise the NHS. Everything is used as a political weapon in Corbyn’s hands.

Conservative Home wrote: Jeremy Corbyn became misty-eyed today on stage at the Royal College of Nursing, declaring:

‘Nye Bevan once said of the NHS:

“It will last only as long as there’s folk with faith left to fight for it.”

Be in no doubt that there are those folk.

I am one of them.’

How prophetic Bevan was – foreseeing the inevitable 24 hours/one week/two months (delete as appropriate) to save the NHS from destruction by the evil Tories. The architect of the health service predicted that the hour would come when it would need a champion, and lo, Corbyn has stepped forward to answer his call.

Except, inconveniently, there wasn’t any such call. Bevan never said those fine words.

An actor portraying Bevan did say them, in 1997, in a BBC television play about him called Food For Ravens, by the Marxist playwright Trevor Griffiths.

And the above is a great example of the problem.  Corbyn’s NHS message revolves around a convenient, romanticised fiction.  The NHS is having to do work that it was never meant to do.  It is currently not sustainable and needs debate about how to make it successful for all of us in the future. However, because of the myths and lies from Labour constantly smearing the Tories as enemies of the NHS, they have shut down any debate that could save it.

Meanwhile, in Wales the Labour run NHS is a shambles.  Labour claim to be against a two tier system and privatisation, yet we have had both in Wales and also seen shocking management and a complete lack of economic awareness.