Key Issues

Conservative Economy: The Conservatives advocate reduced government spending and minimal government debt. Free trade, deregulation of the economy. low taxes and privatisation are defining qualities of fiscal conservatism.

Employment: In 2017, under a Tory government, unemployment was at its lowest national level in more than 40 years. Under a Conservative government wages will rise and there will be an expansion on workers rights. Theresa May wants to enable workers to sit on management boards and have more of a voice.

Taxes: Over 1.5 million people will be hammered by Corbyn’s ‘tax the rich’ policy. Given the length of the list of freebies Labour have offered and given the amount it will cost in reality, it is likely that Labour’s over-spending will lead to high taxes for us all. The Conservatives are the part of low taxes for ordinary people.

Equality of Opportunity: Conservatives welcome all people regardless of colour, race, class, disability, background or sexual orientation. Even when we work with the DUP (who are not a forward thinking in terms of equal rights) the party does not and will not compromise on issues such as gay rights.

A True Meritocracy: The Conservatives are a party of equality of opportunity, not a party of equality of outcome (like Labour), we consider this unfair. The Conservatives believe that status or power should decided on merit, so that people get the credit that they deserve. Most conservatives are independent, driven and prefer a hand up to a hand out. They take individual responsibility and feel that if they work hard they should reap the rewards. Labour believe that those who work hard should carry those who don’t, so that everyone has the same but Conservatives know that this is unfair. There is no incentive to achieve under Labour. See my article ‘Socialism Doesn’t Work.’

Although the Conservatives believe that everyone who can work should work, we also believe in a safety need to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our society e.g. the elderly, the disabled and the poor. Labour often spread the myth that they have a monopoly on compassion and that the Conservatives are cold and heartless. The reality is that a strong Conservative government provides a stable economy that can benefit us all. Labour’s freebies, benefits and punishment of business will weaken us as a nation.