Grenfell Dishonoured

Never have I witnessed anything as distasteful as the behaviour of the left in hijacking the tragic fire at Grenfell Towers in North Kensington.  Corbyn stood outside the tower as the bodies still burt and blamed Tory policy without any evidence of what had happened. Organised left wing groups parachuted in as soon possible to score political points and try to use it to suggest that the newly elected Prime Minister and government should be replaced by Corbyn (who lost the election).

When the town hall was stormed by ‘So-Called’ angry tenants, it was plain to see that the people leading it were Momentum, Socialist Worker and Movement For Justice By Any Means. The rowdy, left wingers and Marxists couldn’t wait to take advantage of the situation. You could actually name the Momentum members as you looked at the TV footage. Was it just a coincidence that they happened to be passing?

Everybody accepts that the residents had the right to be angry, everybody accepts that the local council were poor in their response but for the left to take advantage of poor people when they were still traumatised was repugnant to watch.   A day of rage was organised (that many Grenfell residents refused to be part of)  claiming they were going to take down the government on the day of the Queen’s Speech. It was organised before the fire ever happened but they rubbed their hands when a high profile tragedy came along that they could use to promote their political views — nevertheless the turn out for the event was pitiful.

John MCDonnell was calling it murder and telling people to take to the streets and a major anti-austerity protest was organised (a few weeks later) in which Corbyn and Abbot join Marxist McDonell on the streets. There were sickening banners about Tories. One placard that side ‘Stop Tory Cunts’ was even broadcast on the BBC News. There was another that showed the Prime Minister’s head on a spike, covered with blood.  They called themselves a government in waiting but behaved like drunken students, ignoring democracy. After the event innocent Tories were beaten whilst drinking in a London pub by protesters.

The protests were nothing to do with Grenfell Tower. They hijacked the cause for publicity and encouraged celebrity grief tourism and made the most outrageous and dangerous remarks to incite trouble. Why? because they lost the election and did not respect democracy.

diane protest.png


Corbyn believes in  the “requisitioning” of other people’s properties (who he labels rich). He is unable to separate helping others (the poor) from attacking an innocent group who happen to be property owners.  Corbyn called for the requisition of property after the Grenfell Tower fire. His suggestion is against Article 1, Protocol 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights. At the time that Corbyn was demanding requisition of property, has colleague John McDonnell was calling for left-wing protests to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Desperate times have required requisitioning of property in the past but only when the country has been at war. The obvious example is of governments forcing owners to allow their properties to be used was during the two World Wars. Many stately homes were requisitioned as part of the war effort.

However, this fire was not a war. It was a terrible tragedy in the country’s richest borough. These people needed help and needed to be rehoused. However, to respond with communist ideas about seizing property and punishing the rich was totally inappropriate.   The poor were played off against the rich, as if the rich were somehow to blame for the fire. They were not.



The following is a list is of Labour MP’s who are landlords or who have property interests. Many would be considered rich compared to some of the Tower’s residents. Are their houses going to be requisitioned first?

Ali, Rushanara
Bailey, Adrian
Barron, Kevin John
Benn, Hilary James
Betts, Clive James Charles
Blackman-Woods, Roberta Carol
Brown, Lyn Carol
Brown, Nicholas Hugh
Burnham, Andy
Butler, Dawn
Cadbury, Ruth
Clwyd, Ann
Crausby, David Anthony
Cryer, John Robert
Cummings, Judith Mary
Cunningham, Alex
Dakin, Nic
Davies, Geraint
Dromey, Jack
Esterson, Bill
Gardiner, Barry
Griffith, Nia Rhianon
Harman, Harriet
Hillier, Margaret Olivia
Hollern, Kate
Kinnock, Stephen
Lammy, David Lindon
Leslie, Christopher Michael
Mactaggart, Fiona Margaret
Malhotra, Seema
Marsden, Gordon
Maskell, Rachael Helen
McCabe, Steve
McCarthy, Kerry Gillian
McDonald, Andrew
McFadden, Patrick
McKinnell, Catherine
Mearns, James Ian
Moon, Madeleine
Murray, Ian
Onwurah, Chi
Owen, Albert
Philips, Jess
Powell, Lucy Maria
Rotheram, Steven Philip
Ryan, Joan Marie
Sheerman, Barry John
Sherriff, Paula Michelle
Siddiq, Tulip
Smith, Andrew David
Smith, Angela
Starmer, Keir
Stuart, Gisela
Tami, Mark
Thomas, Gareth Richard
Thomas-Symonds, Nick
Thornberry, Emily
Vaz, Keith Anthony
Whitehead, Alan
Winterton, Rosie
Zeichner, Daniel